Tuesday, 21 February 2017

new work

a shared plot, or the young gardener

a shared plot, or the young gardener - gouache on Fabriano paper

three smaller landscapes

there will be several smaller landscape paintings in my shop tomorrow

time and chance

time and chance - another in my ongoing series of artist books - ink drawings

These and more will be in my shop tomorrow (2pm uk time)

Monday, 20 February 2017


fine day or washing day

'a fine day, washing day' - gouache on Fabriano paper - (a new work, to be included in my shop update on Wednesday)

Hello - it's a mild, almost sunny, spring-like day here. So pleased to have seen sunshine in recent days. I went for a long walk through our local woodland and park last Saturday - maybe you know that kind of 'good walk' when you can feel the sun and your legs ache by the time you get home. I like that kind of walk. Walking helps me in so many ways, not just to keep fit but to clear my head and get a better perspective - discovering things along the way, things that might lead to new paintings.

So today I began by painting - and will be drawing this afternoon, perhaps working in my sketchbooks. I'm having to pace myself especially as I have an ongoing neck problem, which means I really do need to take a break regularly. At least this means I have to get up and move around and do some neck exercises. It's too easy to get lost in a painting....

I'll be updating my shop this week - Wednesday at the usual time of 2pm. Updating fortnightly seems to be working out for me, I feel the two week cycle allows me just enough time to explore, create and show my work. So my only hope is that you will enjoy seeing what I have to offer.... And thank you always for your support.

I'll share more new work with you tomorrow. Have a good start to your week.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

new work

I am sharing here just a few images - to give you an idea of the new work I've been making in the past few weeks. All you see here will be added to my shop next Wednesday....

three smaller landscapes

three smaller landscapes in gouache
top left is: within a walled garden
top right: villa by the woods
below: writer's retreat

My landscape are inspired by rather than based upon exact places. I paint with several ideas in mind and go with the flow. My local neighbourhood has a diverse range of old and new buildings - we are fortunate to have a feel of the countryside with a local large park, woodland and farmland - yet we are also close to urban areas. After living in the place for a number of years, and walking about and taking note, I am still finding new things - discovering, for example, just how many streams there are hidden about the place....

old cottages by a stream

old cottages by a stream - gouache

this is a larger work (24cm x 21cm)

I'm also continuing on with my oil pastel works.


seedlings - oil pastel on Fabriano paper

I should say all of these works are on Fabriano paper, which is my paper of choice for mostly all my work these days. it is 100% cotton, robust, smooth surfaced and a lovely warm white-cream. It is simply the best paper I can find to use (and if that sounds like an advert for Fabriano I must say I am not sponsored by them - just a fan of their paper!)

I am also working on new ink drawings - and I'll share one of two of them next week.

Have a good weekend